Stephen's Day

8:00 - Wakes up at the Martello Tower in Sandycove, has breakfast with Buck Mulligan and Haines

8:45 - Walks to Mr. Deasy's School in Dalkey

9:30 - Teaches a history lesson, then tutors a boy in math

10:00 - Meets with Mr. Deasy, who gives Stephen his pay

10:30 - Takes a tram to Sandymount

11:00 - Walks along Sandymount Strand, then toward Dublin's City Center

12:30 - Visits the Irish Telegraph newspaper offices

1:00 - Drinks at Mooney's Pub

2:00 - Delivers lecture on Hamlet to friends and scholars at the National Library

3:00 - Stephen speaks with his old voice teacher, shops for books at a kiosk by the river, sees his                   sister, Dilly

4:00 - Drinks at The Moira

5:00 - Drinks at Larchet's

10:00 - Drinks at Holles Street Maternity Hospital (Bloom joins)

10:45 - Drinks at Burke's

11:10 - Altercation with Mulligan and Haines at Westland Row Station

11:30 - Visits Bella Cohen's Brothel in Nighttown 

12:00 am - Altercation with British soldiers on the streets of Nighttown

12:10 am - Visits cabman's shelter with Mr. Bloom

1:00 am -  Walks with Mr. Bloom to 7 Eccles Street, spends an hour in the Bloom home

2:00 am - Stephen departs (destination unknown)