Patrick Hastings, the creator of this website and its content, is the English Department Chair at Gilman School in Baltimore, Maryland.  A graduate of Washington & Lee University (2005) and Middlebury College's Bread Loaf School of English (2012), Patrick has studied, written about, taught, and conducted research into Joyce and Ulysses since 2003, when he lived and worked at Shakespeare and Company Bookstore on the Left Bank of Paris (the current iteration of the literary institution that first published Ulysses in 1922).  He had some of his work published in the James Joyce Quarterly in 2015.

The impetus for creating this website is Patrick's eagerness to share the wonders and wisdom of Ulysses with a wide variety of readers, including his students, his friends, and readers from around the world who discover this site and find it useful.  

As you might notice, the episode guides do not yet cover the entire novel. This website is a fun side project, and Patrick is always chipping away at creating those resources when the opportunity for sustained work presents itself. Thank you for your patience!

Happy wandering!



If you have questions about the content on this site or about the novel itself, please don't hesitate to send your messages via the form below.  

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