Bloom's Day

8:00 am - Makes breakfast for Molly, visits butcher shop, speaks with Molly

9:00 - Visits Post Office, church, and pharmacist

10:00 - Bath

10:30 - Travels to Dignam's home

11:00 - Dignam's Funeral cortege to Glasnevin Cemetery 

11:25 - Mortuary chapel and burial site

11:45 - Returns to town

12:00 - Evening Telegraph offices, meets Keyes at Dillon's Auctionrooms, meets editor on street

1:00 - Walks through downtown, meets Josie Breen on street, eats lunch at Davy Byrne's Pub.

2:00 - Visits National Library for the art for Keyes ad

3:00 - Visits book cart to swap book out Molly's book

4:00 - Meets Ritchie Goulding at the Ormond Hotel Bar and Restaurant

5:00 - Goes to Barney Kiernan's Pub to meet Martin Cunningham, gets into altercation with the                 Citizen, an Irish Nationalist

6:00 - Visits Dignam family to discuss insurance policy and family finances

7:00 - Visits Keyes teahouse in Ballsbridge to finalize advertisement

8:00 - Watches the sunset, fireworks, and Gerty Macdowell on Sandymount Strand

10:00 - Checks on Mina Purefoy in Holles Street Maternity Hospital, meets up with Stephen

11:00 - Follows Stephen to Nighttown, visits Bella Cohen's brothel, intervenes on Stephen's behalf. 

12:00 - Takes Stephen to get food and coffee at Cabman's shelter.

1:00 - Hosts Stephen for cocoa and conversation at home, 7 Eccles Street

2:00 - Goes to bed