Joyce himself recognized that readers needed some support in grasping the nuanced allusions and intricate structures he had put into Ulysses, so he offered "schema" or plans for the book to Carlo Linati and Stuart Gilbert, his friends and early readers.  Those two schema have some differences, but I have combined the information in each of them for you here:

1.Telemachus8:00-8:45TowerGold, WhiteNarrative (young) Stephen = Telemachus, Buck = Antinous, Milkwoman = MentorTheologyDispossessed son in struggleNoneHamlet, Ireland, Heir
2. Nestor9:50-10:30SchoolBrownCatechism (personal)Deasy = Nestor, Stephen = Telemachus, Sargent = Pisistratus, Mrs. O'Shea = HelenHistoryWisdom of the Old WorldNoneHorse, Ulster, Woman, Common Sense
3. Proteus11:00StrandBlue, GreenMonologue (male)Primal Matter = Proteus, Kevin Egan = Menelaus, Cocklepickers = magapenthesPhilologyPrima materiaNoneWord, Tide, Evolution, Metamorphosis
4. Calypso8:00-9:00HouseOrangeNarrative (mature)Mr. Bloom = Ulysses, Molly Bloom = Calypso, Penelope, The Nymph = Calypso, Zion = IthacaMythology, EconomicsExile, Moon, Family, Vagina, Israel in bondageKidneysExile, family, Nymph, Israel, vagina
5. Lotus-Eaters9:00-10:00BathBrownNarcissism Ulysses, Nausicaa, Erylochus, bather, communicantsChemistry, BotanySeduction of the faithSkin, genitalsHost, penis, flower, drugs
6. Hades11:00-12:00GraveyardBlack, WhiteIncubismDignam = Elpinor, Menton = Ajax, Parnell = Agamemnon, O'Connell = Hercules, Cunningham = Sisyphus, Caretaker = Hades, the 4 rivers, Orion, Laertes, Telemachus, AntinousReligionDescent to NothingHeartCemetary, the past, the unknown man, heart trouble
7. Aeolus12:00-1:00NewspaperRedEnthymemicCrawford = Aeolus, Journalism = Incest, Press = Floating Island, Mentor, Ulysses, TelemachusRhetoricMockery of victoryLungsMachines, wind, fame, kite, failed destinies, press, mutability
8.Lestrygonians1:00-2:00LunchBlood ColorPeristaltic ProseHunger = Antiphates, Food = The Decoy, Teeth = LestrygoniansArchitectureDejectionEsophagusBloody sacrifice, foods, shame, constables
9. Scylla & Charybdis2:00-3:00LibrarynoneWhirlpools, dialecticThe rock = Aristotle, Dogma, Stratford / The Whirlpool = Plato, Mysticism, London / Ulysses = Socrates, Jesus, Shakespeare / Telemachus, AntinousLiteratureTwo-edged dilemmaBrainHamlet, Shakespeare, Christ, Socrates, London and Stratford, Scholasticism and Mysticism, Plato and Aristotle, Youth and Maturity
10. Wandering Rocks3:00-4:00StreetsRainbowLabyrinthLiffey = Bosphorous, Viceroy = European Bank, Conmee = Asiatic Bank, Groups of Citizens = SymplegadesMechanicsHostile EnvironmentBloodChrist and Caesar, Errors, Homynyms, Sychronization, Resemblances
11. Sirens4:00-5:00Concert RoomCoralFuga per CanonemBarmaids = Sirens, Bar = Isle, Parthenope, Ulysses, Orpheus, MenalausMusicSweet CheatEarPromises, Woman, Sounds, Embellishments
12. Cyclops5:00-6:00TavernGreenGigantismI = Noman, Cigar = Stake, Apotheosis = ChallengeSurgeryThe egocidal terrorMuscles, BoneNation, Religion, Gymnastics, Idealism, Exaggeration, Fanaticism, Collectivity
13. Nausicaa8:00-9:00RocksGreyTuescence/Detumescence, Retrogressive ProgressionStar of the Sea = Phaescia, Gerty = Nausicaa, UlyssesPaintingThe projected mirageEye, NoseOnanism, Female, Virgin, Hypocrisy
14. Oxen of the Sun10:00-11:00HospitalWhiteEmbryonic developmentHospital = Trinacria, Nurses = Lampetie, Phaesthusa / Horne = Helios, Fertility = Oxen, Fraud = Crime / Jove, UlyssesMedicineThe Eternal FlocksMatrix, UterusFecundation, Frauds, mothers
15. Circe11:00-12:00BrothelVioletHallucinationBella = Circe / beasts, Telemachus, Ulysses, HermesMagicThe man-eating orcLocomotor apparatusZoology, personification, pantheism, poison, antidote
16. Eumeaus12:00-1:00ShelterNoneNarrative (old)Skin the Goat = Eumaeus, Sailor = Ulysses Pseudangelos, Corley - MelanthiusNavigationThe ambush at homeNervesSailors
17. Ithaca1:00-2:00HouseStarry, MilkyCatechism (impersonal)Boylan = Eurymachus, Scruples = Suitors, Reason = BowScienceThe armed hopeSkeletonComets
18. PenelopeBedStarry, Milky, DawnMonologue (female)Earth = Penelope, Movement = WebNoneThe past sleepsFatEarth